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Caravan Antibacterial Flush

Make Your Water System Safe. 50% Off With Your Service.

The water system in your caravan can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Recent academic research* has shown that “Microbial counts in the water system of caravans which have not been in active use for some time may contain significant microbial load. This can represent a health hazard for drinking, washing fresh fruits and vegetables, brushing teeth or simply washing.” It is recommended that you have your water system thoroughly purged using specialist equipment on an annual basis to keep it hygienic and safe.

Get your anti-bacterial flush for £249 or just £119 with a caravan service or winterisation

The Habcheck Antibacterial Flush uses specialist equipment to first flush your water system through under pressure, removing bacteria and bio-films, to reduce the microbial count by over 99%. It then purges all of the water out of the system under pressure, reaching the bends and areas where a normal drain down leaves pools that bacteria propagate in.

  • Removes over 99% of harmful bacteria
  • Leaves your water system dry and hygienic
  • Removes a common health hazard in caravans
  • Removes sediment from your boiler
  • Just £119 with a Habcheck caravan service or winterisation

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*Professor Ibrahim Banat University of Ulster. Project title: "Microbial evaluation of water samples collected from caravans and motor homes before and after using the Floë water drainage treatment." Read more here.