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Our Coronavirus Safety Measures and Cancellation Policy

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Your Safety is Our Prime Concern

As a business that is all about the safe use of motorhomes and caravans, you won't be surprised to learn your safety is our prime concern during these unusual times. We are operating normally and you can book your habitation check or service here. But rest assured we do have strict measures in place to protect you from Coronavirus. These focus on the now established practical steps of social distancing and physical contact.

You Do Not Have to Have Contact With Your Engineer

The most important thing to note is that if you do not wish to have physical contact with your engineer, that is fine. We can arrange for you to leave the keys somewhere safe for the engineer, or you can simply place them outside for him when he arrives. When your report is complete, you will receive a copy by email. If you wish to discuss the report with the engineer he will be happy to do this with you over the phone. Likewise, you can make payment for your service over the phone with our payments department.

Further Precautions Our Engineers Take

Our engineers will also take further practical steps whilst carrying out your service. These include wearing protective gloves and using sanitising hand gel and wipes.

One Final Precaution You Can Take

You may have seen various information about the length of time the Coronavirus can "Live" for and remain infectious. In fact current thinking is that the virus is transmitted by remaining as an aerosol in the air and will disperse naturally - the better the ventilation the quicker the dispersal. The "Belt and braces" approach would be to double down on our own measures, and not enter your motorhome or caravan for a while after your service.

Cancellation Policy

We do of course appreciate that, despite all of the measures we are taking, some people may feel their personal circumstances dictate that they do not want anyone coming to their home at this time. That's no problem. We can just rearrange your appointment for a time in the future that you feel more comfortable with. If that time comes and you are still not happy, again no problem, we will rearrange again.

We really don't mind how many times we have to rearrange your appointment - the important thing is your safety is paramount. There are well established safety reasons for having a service and we will accommodate your needs to ensure your service gets done.

Is There Anything Else We Can Do?

If you have any questions or specific requests regarding your service, please call us. We will of course do all we can to accommodate your requests. You can contact us on 0800 111 4299 or email us at info@habcheck.co.uk.

To book a habitation check or service, go to Bookings.

Stay safe,

The Habcheck Team.

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