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Motorhome Pre-Purchase Inspections

What a motorhome pre-purchase inspection is and why you should always have one

How ever much you are intending to pay for your new motorhome, it represents a significant financial investment. Therefore, it makes sense to take whatever precautions you can to make sure your investment is wise and your money well spent, as you would with any other large financial decision.

Fortunately, Habcheck make it really easy for you to check on the condition* of the motorhome you are intending to buy. Most importantly, our service is mobile, so we go to wherever the motorhome is being sold from or stored at. We can get the report to you very quickly and therefore, being safe shouldn’t cause a delay in the buying process. So, complete peace of mind is just a phone call away.

Important: You should have a pre-purchase inspection carried out wherever you are buying your motorhome from. Yes, even from a dealer!

*Habcheck engineers do not disassemble any components as part of the inspection procedure or carry out invasive damp checks. As such a Pre-Purchase Inspection Report should not be deemed as a valuation or indication of value nor a recommendation to purchase, it is for your guidance only.

No guarantee or warranty is offered or implied in consideration of the vehicle’s design, compliance with any manufacturer specifications, operation, mechanical condition or safety of any of components parts.

Should a subsequent purchase be made you should not regard this certificate as a warranty and the inspector responsible for carrying out the inspection will not be held responsible for faults that may become evident following the inspection.

By instructing Habcheck to carry out a Pre-Purchase Inspection the consumer understands the above and accepts this as a reasonable term of engagement of the services

What's Included:


Habitation area

  • Mobile - we go to where the motorhome is
  • Video of problems found
  • Full written report
  • Body and exterior check
  • Damp check
  • Gas supply and appliances
  • 240v Electrical system
  • 12v Electrical system
  • Fire and safety alarms
  • MOT History check
  • Vehicle history

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Don't get caught out. Find out exactly what you are buying. Give yourself the ammunition to renegotiate to cover the costs of rectifying any problems uncovered by your pre-purchase inspection.

To find out more, call us today on 0800 1114299 or click on the "Enquire" button below and complete the short form.

  • We are an AWS approved company
  • Mobile - we go to the vehicle
  • We inspect vehicles sold by dealers
  • Inspections by professional engineers
  • Detailed written and video reports
  • We'll find those hidden problems
  • You'll have the information to renegotiate the price if necessary
  • Or walk away from future disasters if there are serious problems!

Motorhome Pre Inspection