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About HabCheck

HabCheck is an independent, impartial, AWS approved mobile service which provides habitation checks for motorhomes and caravans.

If you’re new to motorhome ownership, bought your vehicle second-hand, or have had it for several years without getting it checked, you may not realise you need a habitation check.

However, a habitation check is essential for ensuring your vehicle is safe to use, providing peace of mind for yourself and your family.

For newer vehicles, many manufacturers insist on an annual habitation check as part of the terms of their warranty, so getting one can protect your long-term investment too. We are a member of the Approved Workshop Scheme which is required in order to carry out manufacturer approved habitation checks.

About HabCheck
About HabCheck

At HabCheck, we offer a full habitation checking service for all motorhomes, caravans, campervans and RVs.

We follow the strictest of industry standards, plus manufacturer servicing guidelines, to ensure that every vehicle we inspect is checked thoroughly for damp, electrical and gas safety, window and door security and other essential aspects which keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Motorhome or caravan ownership is a sizeable long-term investment.

HabCheck can help you protect it.

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How Habcheck was born

We are a privately-owned business and our group of companies forms the largest marketplace for motorhomes and caravans in the UK.

However, just like you, from time to time we also need to get habitation checks done on the motorhomes and caravans that pass through our business.

Unfortunately, the ad-hoc nature of our requirements never made it viable to employ a dedicated member of staff to carry out habitation checks, so again just like you, we used commercial service providers. Over the years, one of our great frustrations has been how difficult it is to get a habitation service done. We had to book-in a long way in advance and expend an enormous amount of time getting the motorhome or caravan to the habitation service centre, leaving it there for a few days and then having to go back to collect it. Sound familiar?

Eventually, we decided to do something about it. But realising everyone had the same problem, instead of just employing an engineer in-house, we decided to provide a service for all motorhome and caravan owners that addresses the issues that all of us commonly complain about.

So here it is. A habitation service that:

  • Is mobile and comes to you at your convenience
  • Uses only trained, professional engineers
  • Is not linked to a repair business, so is impartial
  • Offers flexible payments
  • Provides FREE membership benefits

We hope we have solved the problem of getting convenient, professional habitation checks done for you and have made your life just that little bit easier.

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