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Protect your caravan over the winter months

Winterise your caravan

Water is your enemy over the winter months and although your caravan is not in use, it is the time when most damage can occur. Water ingress, damp and mildew are all common problems. In addition, frost damage to your boiler and split pipes caused by freezing water can be a nightmare. Most pipe work in a caravan is well hidden and the problem often only becomes apparent after the damage has been done.

Winterise your caravan for £249 or just £119 with a caravan service or antibacterial flush

Our winterisation service covers:

  • Full drain down of the system
  • Pressure flush – to remove all water from your system, even that below the drain level
  • Remove and clean all straining devices and filters
  • Drain toilet flush
  • Provide dehumidifier packs
  • Leaving your caravan winter ready!

PLUS - If you want to leave your bedding in your caravan over the winter without it getting damp, we will vacuum pack it in vacuum storage bags for you. Just let us know - it's all part of our winterisation service!

For more information read our helpful article here called caravan winterisation.

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