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Our "Season Ready" service means you are good to go!

Make Sure Your Motorhome is Safe, Hygienic and Ready to Use

Do you use your motorhome regularly over the winter period? If not, this is the time that it is most likely to accumulate faults and hygiene issues. Our "Season Ready" service makes sure your motorhome is safe, hygienic and ready to use. It includes the important basic safety checks and a full Antibacterial Flush. Complete peace of mind for the season ahead.

Our "Season Ready" service is £249 or just £119 with a habitation check

The Season Ready Service includes:

  • A full Antibacterial Flush of the water system - click here for full details
  • Replacement of the water filters, refitting any bungs, resetting any valves, refilling the water system, a bleed through and checks for leaks
  • Adding the correct amount of water system sanitizer
  • The toilet flush will be refilled if applicable and the cassette charged for use
  • A battery test including standing volts and drop test
  • A run-up of all appliances with operational checks
  • A tyre inspection checking for dates, visual faults and setting the pressures
  • A check of all internal and external lights for operation
  • A gas pipe inspection including a date check and checks for leaks

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