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Caravan servicing and motorhome habitation checks from £219

Book your habitation check today for £249 or ask about our Free membership scheme which offers a reduced price of £219 plus many other member benefits.

Join our HabCheck Membership Scheme for FREE for these great extra benefits

Becoming a HabCheck member enables you to spread the cost of your annual habitation check and get some exclusive membership benefits.

Member benefits include:

• A habitation check discount
• Spread the cost throughout the year
• Discounts on motorhome and caravan insurance
• Discounts from motorhome and caravan suppliers
• A video report of issues found and observations made during your check
• Join and forget – we’ll remind you when it's time for your next habitation check
• Membership is transferable to a new motorhome or caravan if you change during the year


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Do I have to be there when you carry out the habitation check?

No. We just need to make secure arrangements with regard to keys and then we can carry out your habitation check without you needing to be present. We will provide a full written report and you can talk to your service engineer to discuss any matters in the report at any time.

Is your mobile habitation service carried out to the same standard of habitation check that I would receive by taking it to dealership?

Yes. Our professional engineers are fully-qualified and trained to the highest industry standards. They use exactly the same tools to carry out the habitation check that a dealer would and will provide a full report in the usual way. In fact, there are some elements of our habitation service that you will not get at a dealers.

Why don't you carry out the work to fix the problems you identify in a habitation check?

An important aspect of our service is that it is impartial. Because we don’t carry out the remedial work following a habitation check, you can rest assured that we will highlight only problems that genuinely require attention, leaving you free to seek the best price to get the work done.

Are your engineers qualified to carry out habitation checks?

Yes, and we are sure of that because upon joining us, all our engineers have to go on our required training courses and achieve our required qualifications before they carry out any motorhome or caravan habitation services.

I have been told that not having a habitation check when I am supposed to could invalidate the warranty on my motorhome or caravan. Is this true?

Yes. Obviously this only applies during the period of your manufacturer warranty, but it is something that both motorhome and caravan manufacturers seem to be quite strict on. In their warranty information, there will be a schedule for habitation checks. We have heard stories of people missing their habitation check date by one day and the manufacturer insisting that this has invalidated their warrant.

Are there genuine safety reasons for having a habitation check?

Yes. Motorhomes and caravans are wonderful things, but you must remember that the combination of gas, electricity and water in a moving vehicle that is also a living space presents real risk. We’ve all heard horror stories involving fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Regular habitation checks aren’t just good practice – they are genuinely about keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Why do you suggest a habitation check every year?

From a safety point of view. If your motorhome or caravan presents a risk, you need to know and resolve the issue as soon as possible. From a financial point of view, long experience in the motorhome and caravan sector has taught us that problems caught early tend to be easy and cost effective to repair. Problems that go undetected can quickly become major, expensive repair jobs. The obvious candidate for this is damp. It just takes the sealant on the roof to leak in one small place to cause huge long-term damage, when if caught early, it is a simple, cheap repair.

Is the habitation check for a motorhome and a caravan the same?

No, they are slightly different, and we will ask you details about your motorhome or caravan when you book your habitation check. We explain the difference here.

Can I have my habitation check done anywhere I would like?

Yes. Ours is a mobile habitation check service, so we can come to your home, storage facility, office or anywhere else that is convenient for you.

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