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Always Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection Before Buying

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When buying a motorhome or caravan you should always have a pre-purchase inspection

The case for getting a pre-purchase inspection when you are buying a motorhome or caravan is simple; it will find any hidden problems. You are proposing to invest a significant amount of money and you should feel confident that your investment is a safe one. After all, you wouldn't buy a house without having a house buyers report done would you? Do used motorhomes and caravans often have hidden problems to find? Well, yes they do. Because, to state the obvious, they are a complex structure that spend hours on the move. This inevitably leads to faults developing. The most common serious fault being water ingress. Damp needn't be a big problem if it is caught early and the cause rectified. But before making your purchase you need to know if there is damp, how serious it is and the cost of putting it right.

What is a pre-purchase inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is like a house buyer's survey for a motorhome or caravan. It should include a full check of the habitation area, running gear and tyres. A gas certificate check, an MOT check and a vehicle history check. And of course, it should include a damp check. For motorhomes we also provide an engine and chassis inspection carried out by a qualified DEKRA engineer. This is an extensive inspection that covers up to 192 items.

What is the cost of a pre-purchase inspection?

You can see details of our pricing for motorhome pre-purchase inspections here and caravan pre-purchase inspections here.

However, you shouldn't look at a pre-purchase inspection as a cost. If an inspection reveals serious problems, it has saved you blowing thousands of pounds on an unsuitable motorhome or caravan. If it reveals minor problems, you can use the report to renegotiate the price. If it doesn't reveal any problems at all, the cost of the inspection has bought you peace of mind!

When do you need to get a pre-purchase inspection done?

If you are buying a used motorhome or caravan, you should always get a pre-purchase inspection carried out no matter where you are buying it from. Yes, even if you are buying from a dealer! Buying a motorhome or caravan is an exciting adventure bearing the promise of fun and good times. But it requires considerable investment and you shouldn't let your heart rule your head during the buying process. Always get a pre-purchase inspection.

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