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All About Motorhome Insurance

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All about motorhome insurance

Do I need motorhome insurance?

Well if you just want the short answer, it would be a resounding yes!

In the UK, the law states that you must have motor insurance to drive your vehicle on the road. So, unless you plan to leave your motorhome parked up on private land and declare it off road (SORN) with the DVLA (and where’s the fun in that?!) you most definitely need to insure it to avoid committing a criminal offence. So now that we’ve highlighted why it’s so important to take out a policy, let’s delve a bit deeper into some of the features and benefits of specialist motorhome insurance.

What does motorhome insurance cover?

Most owners prefer a fully comprehensive policy, which of course covers accidental damage to your motorhome, but will also insure other common perils such as fire, theft, stolen keys or damaged windscreens.

There are several benefits of specialist motorhome insurance policies that you won’t see on typical car or van insurance policies. One of the main ones is cover for all your specialist motorhome equipment. The value of awnings, TVs, kettles, pots, pans, sleeping bags and generators can soon run into thousands of pounds.

You might also be able to specify emergency accommodation cover to pay for hotels or alternate motorhome hire should an insured event mean your motorhome becomes unusable during a trip. This cover could prove invaluable enabling you continue on your adventures should the worst happen to your motorhome mid-trip.

Other useful cover benefits or options you’ll find from a specialist motorhome insurance provider are roadside recovery specifically designed for large vehicles, or comprehensive European cover for adventures further afield.

What are the most common claims?

Now that we’ve looked at the main policy benefits, you might wonder what the most common type of motorhome insurance claims are. We spoke to a leading, insurance specialist Caravan Guard and the number one claim in 2022 was windscreen damage, with the average figure paid out damage being £341. Then the second most popular claims were accidental damage, with over a third of these not involving a third-party vehicle such as collisions with walls, trees and height barriers. Theft was the third most popular claim with the frequency of motorhomes being stolen rising in recent years.

The average claims costs for accidental damage claims exceeds £2500, certainly not something you’d want to pay out of your own pocket.

Unsurprisingly, theft claims are the costliest - the average figure paid out for theft claims in 2022 was over £23,000, which includes damage caused by attempted theft as well as motorhomes that were stolen but never recovered.

A surprisingly costly cause of motorhome insurance claims was fire, with the average cost of each claim being in excess of £27,000. Although fire claims were less common than thefts, the cost of the claims would suggest they were more likely to result in a motorhome being written off.

These costs demonstrate perfectly the peace of mind that a comprehensive insurance policy can provide!

How much does motorhome insurance cost?

Having scared you about all the terrible things that can happen to your motorhome, you might be concerned about the cost of insurance. Surprisingly, in many cases motorhome insurance is comparable to car insurance, and sometimes even cheaper. Although motorhomes can be large, expensive, and attractive to thieves, most people tend to use them for holidays rather than the daily rush hour trips to work or the supermarket, so the likelihood of you making a claim is often lower than it would be in a car.

How can I reduce my premium?

There are steps you can take to secure a discount too.

Insurers love it when you reduce the chance of making a claim. Installing theft deterrents like an alarm, tracking device or steering wheel lock on your motorhome will often reduce your premium. Devices which can help to avoid you having a bump or a blow out, like a reversing camera or tyre pressure monitor, can also help.

If you plan to keep your motorhome in a storage site, think about what sort of security measures they have in place. Would a thief be able to walk straight in, or is there some kind of controlled access like a key fob, swipe card or number plate recognition?

Also try to be realistic about how many miles you plan to travel each year, as the further you drive, statistically the more likely you are to have a claim and therefore your premium is likely to be higher.

If you are buying a motorhome, look out for free driveaway cover from your dealer or broker. This gives you a completely free period of cover to allow you to collect and driveaway in your new motorhome fully insured and gives you extra time to shop around for an annual policy.

Check reviews

Last but not least, a final word of advice. Don’t forget that whilst price is important, not all insurers are the same. Remember to check that the levels of cover are suitable for you and your needs, but more importantly try and find out what the insurer is like when you have to make a claim. TrustPilot is a great place to find out what other peoples’ experiences have been!

Discount for Habcheck customers

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Habcheck is a trading name of Leisure Vehicle Franchising Ltd which is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Caravan Guard Limited. Caravan Guard Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Customers introduced to Caravan Guard via Habcheck, will receive a 5% discount from the standard Caravan Guard rates when buying via the telephone number or weblink above. This applies to both new and renewing customers. Discount is subject to underwriting terms and conditions. Not available in conjunction with other offers. Discount does not apply to the motor legal expenses or breakdown elements of cover. Minimum premiums apply. Caravan Guard reserve the right to remove offers, discounts or adjust premium rating factors at any time. Details correct as of 02/12/2023.

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