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Habitation Checks and Caravan Servicing - When Impartial Doesn't Really Mean Impartial!

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Impartial Habitation Checks and Caravan Servicing

I'm going to tell you a story...

It's a true story. It has only just happened. There is documented evidence.

A private buyer made an offer to buy the motorhome of a private seller. The price was agreed. The seller even had a just completed habitation check they could provide the buyer with. The habitation check showed that the motorhome had no damp.

Shortly after buying the motorhome the buyer became suspicious that the motorhome may in fact have some damp. They took it to a leading motorhome dealer to do another habitation check. This one showed that the motorhome was riddled with damp and required £7,000 worth of repairs that they would carry out for the new owner.

Still not happy that they were getting the full picture, the new owner of the motorhome then asked a local independent engineer to carry out another damp check. This third impartial check showed that the damp readings were somewhere between the "Bone dry" first damp check and very damp second check. Their estimate for the remedial damp work was £2,000.

Not So Impartial

This story demonstrates perfectly how vested interests can skew the "Impartiality" of motorhome habitation checks, caravan servicing and damp checks. In the first instance, the engineer was influenced by their paymaster, the motorhome seller, to provide an inaccurate report. (He has admitted this.) In the second instance, the motorhome dealer was influenced by the opportunity to generate well paid repair work for their workshop. Neither of those things should happen - but unfortunately they do.

How to Get an Impartial Habitation Check or Caravan Service

Firstly, let's make clear that the majority of motorhome and caravan servicing businesses and engineers are honest, trustworthy professionals providing great service to their customers. You may be lucky enough to have developed a relationship with a local company or engineer that you know and trust. But if you don't have a reliable local contact, finding a good impartial service can be a little bit of pot luck.

Habcheck has chosen to address this issue by not carrying out any repairs or remedial work on the motorhomes and caravans we carry out inspections on. It is the only way we can stand by our claim that our service is truly impartial. We provide detailed written reports on our observations and video reports on specific issues. Our engineers will discuss their observations with you and the severity of any problems uncovered. This provides solid information to base quotes for repairs on, which can save you money. Our service is mobile and national - we come to you. Habcheck solves the problem of getting impartial, local habitation checks, caravan servicing and damp checks.

You can see the pricing for all of our services here.


As I finished this article, by coincidence this review was posted on Trustpilot. Mrs Bennett makes the point nicely that she was able to use her impartial report and findings as the basis for necessary work to be carried out on her motorhome. She did so confident in the knowledge that only the problems identified in the report would be quoted for.

E Bennett left a new review

E Bennett just left a new 5-star review of HabCheck:

Recently bought a motorhome and wanted to make sure it was safe for my family. Rob the technician was easy to chat with and helpful with information relating to gas and electric appliances. This was a thorough investigation of my motorhome which identified some repairs that need attention. So with the written report and video I am able to complete these accurately. I'm booked in for next year by Louise who was very easy to chat with and confidently answered any questions I had regarding the service.

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