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Get a Motorhome Habitation Check or Caravan Service Before Selling

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Get a Motorhome Habitation Check or Caravan Service Before You Sell

If you are selling, getting a motorhome habitation check or caravan service before you sell, may seem counter intuitive. After all, it's up to the buyer to do that once they've bought your motorhome or caravan isn't it? Well actually, there are some very good reasons to get a check done yourself before you sell. Here we look at exactly what those reasons are.

Get Buyers Onside

The first reason is just about making human nature work in your favour. To a buyer, if you are offering a motorhome or caravan for sale with a habitation check or service, it is an easy to spot signal that you are honest and trustworthy. You have nothing to hide. You are saying, here is my motorhome or caravan and here is an independent report about it. Cast your mind back to when you bought your motorhome or caravan. Unless it was new at the time, your natural instinct is to be wary of the seller and be on the look out for hidden faults - it's human nature. So imagine the positive impact it has on a buyer to be presented with a detailed independent report on the motorhome or caravan they are considering purchasing.

Provide Certainty in an Uncertain World

Secondly, it enables the buyer to see exactly what they are buying. You may decide to rectify some or all of the problems identified in the report. In which case you can present the original report and evidence of the action you've taken regarding any observations made in the report. Or you may decide not to take any action on the report. Either way, the buyer can see exactly what they are getting. This provides a level of certainty and confidence for the buyer. Most buyers don't mind faults - what they hate is the uncertainty of not knowing.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Next, having a motorhome habitation check or caravan service prior to selling, helps you stand out from the crowd. That is, in comparison to similar motorhomes or caravans for sale at the same time. Which would you go and look at - the one with the independent report or the one without? So, if you do get a check done before you sell, be sure and include it as a top feature in your sales description!

Now You Can Stand Firm on the Price

Finally, the fact that the buyer knows exactly what they are getting means you are able to stand firm on the price. No room for buyers sucking the breath in between their teeth and speculating about potential problems, before hitting you with a low-ball offer.

Why don't more people get a motorhome habitation check or caravan service done before selling? Two main reasons: cost and convenience. Regarding cost, experience shows that this can be off-set by the report making your motorhome or caravan more saleable. And in respect to convenience - well, you know we come to you, so that's no longer an issue!

For more information click on what does a motorhome habitation check include or what does a caravan service include. To book, you can contact us here or call us on 0800 1114299.

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