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What Has Happened to Lunar Caravans and Motorhomes?

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What Has Happened to Lunar Caravans and Motorhomes?

Lunar have gone into administration. The administration is being handled by FRP Advisory. We spoke to FRP yesterday and they have confirmed that Lunar have ceased trading and that the staff have been made redundant. FRP are seeking a buyer for the assets of the business, with the hope that it can begin trading again. However, the fact that the business has ceased trading, reduces the chances of this happening and with an operation of this size, it certainly won't happen quickly if it does happen.

What Does this Mean for my Warranty?

Unfortunately, now that the business has ceased trading, right now any Lunar manufacturer warranties are invalid. The only hope of this situation being resolved is if a buyer is found for the assets, they begin trading the business again and they accept responsibility for the warranties - which they are not obliged to do.

What Action Can I Take to Protect Myself?

Obviously, if you have a Lunar caravan or motorhome with a manufacturers warranty, this puts you in a difficult position. Below are actions that you can take to mitigate the situation.

Aftermarket Warranty

The most obvious thing to do is to take out an aftermarket warranty. This will not give you the same level of protection as a manufacturer's warranty, but there is a good deal of overlap in the areas covered. For more information, head over to our sister company Motorhome Depot. There you will find information about a special deal on motorhome and caravan warranties that includes cover for water ingress.

Caravan Service or Motorhome Habitation Check

This next piece of advice is really the same we give to any motorhome or caravan owner - catch problems early before they become expensive repairs. Now that you no longer have the safety net of a manufacturer's warranty, it is essential to know exactly what condition your motorhome or caravan is in. The real issue here is damp. Damp may not reveal itself until it is a major problem. A caravan service or motorhome habitation check will catch this problem early while it is still a simple, cheap fix. You can see our prices here.

And If You Are Thinking of Selling...

Finally, if you are selling your Lunar, there will of course be a certain reluctance with would-be buyers. This may not be justified, but unfortunately the Lunar name is now tainted in the eyes of the market. The best way to overcome this is to get a service or habitation check done yourself before you put your motorhome or caravan on the market. If you advertise your Lunar for sale with an impartial inspection that will give buyers a degree of confidence.

To discuss any of this with our knowledgeable team click on Habcheck for contact details.

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