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Caravan Servicing Near Me

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Caravan Servicing Near Me

When caravan owners search online for a company to carry out a service on their caravan, one of the most common search terms is caravans servicing near me. More on that later, but here's one of the strange things about owning a caravan. We all know there are hazards connected to using a caravan. The risk may be small, but the hazards are real and it is the safety of our family we are talking about after all. But there is no requirement to have a service carried out apart from by manufacturers to keep your warranty valid. There is no "MOT" for caravans and the things that can cause problems can go unchecked for years.

Common Sense Reasons to Have a Caravan Service

The reasons to have a caravan service are obvious and we all know them. The most discussed hazards are carbon monoxide poisoning, fire hazard and the water system. But none of those things could happen to you could they? Well, take a simple thing like the rubber hose connecting your gas bottle to your gas system. They can perish and leak. Did you know they have a time limit on them and should be replaced? And how about your water system? A recent university study concluded that "Microbial counts in the water system of caravans which have not been in active use for some time may contain significant microbial load. This can represent a health hazard for drinking, washing fresh fruits and vegetables, brushing teeth or simply washing.". Yes, standing water left in your system for just a few weeks can cause illness even if you don't drink it!

In addition, it also makes sense to keep on top of maintenance and the overall condition of your caravan. The most compelling reason here to have a regular service is our old friend damp. Caught early and the causes of damp can be a quick, cheap fix. Left to spread and fester and damp can become a very expensive repair. I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know. So why don't all caravan owners have an annual caravan service?

Why Is It So Difficult to Get a Caravan Service?

When chatting to new customers it often comes up in conversation that they are booking their first service or first service for a long time. When asked why that is, the answer isn't what you would expect. It has nothing to do with cost. In most cases, it is simply because it is just so difficult to get a professional caravan service carried out. Taking your caravan to a premises based service centre is a real pain and can eat up a lot of time. And if you want to take it to a main dealer, you'll be lucky to get it booked in at all. Dealer service centres are about getting motorhomes and caravans ready for sale - they really aren't that bothered about servicing caravans. So what is the answer?

Professional Mobile Caravan Servicing Made Easy

Finally we can go full circle back to the beginning of this article. The reason why so many people search for mobile caravan servicing near me is because they want to find a convenient way to get their caravan serviced. The challenge to date for caravan owners has been the structure of the mobile caravan servicing sector. It is made up of many small independent businesses. This of course leads to a huge variation in the quality of service offered and prices charged. The problem for caravan owners is how to find out which the good quality, professional operators are.

The mission of Habcheck as a business is to solve this problem. Our goal is to make sure all caravan owners in the UK can maintain their caravans and protect their families just by making one quick phone call. Our engineers are trained, professional AWS approved technicians. Our service is mobile and we come to wherever your caravan is parked or stored. Our prices are transparent and our reports are impartial. If you are searching for "Mobile caravan servicing near me", make life easy for yourself and contact us today.

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